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Ishq Ka Rang Safed Serial

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Serial on
Starring: Mishal Raheja, Eisha Singh, Vividha
Pratima Kazmi, ArunBakshi

Watch Colors Ishq Ka Rang Safed serials online, recently published full Ishq Ka Rang Safed serial episodes on Saturday 14 January 2017

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The serial is extraordinarily different story has captured the minds and hearts of the fans. The story revolves around a young widow Dhaani, who lives in a widow refuge with her mother and a guy Viplav who loves her and marries her neglecting the negative comments of the society. Viplav is a grandson of a rich man Dasrath Tripathi. He plays tricks when he first meets Dhaani. But later apologises and falls in love with her and his grandfather is against his love. He sends Viplav to United States and tries to separate Dhaani from him. But eventually after many turns and twists Viplav succeeds.
The story line is very attractive and it has gained many fans. The story is woven in a way that the fans eagerly await for the lovers to get united.
The soap is a huge success.
Directors : Shahnawaz Khan and Nithin Mahesh Chowdary
Producers : Rupali Guha and Kalyan Guha
Production : Film Fare India Production
Music : Anil Gani and Vihan Akash
Starting Date : 10th August 2015
Show Time : 6.30 PM, Monday to Saturday



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