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Snehajalakam on
Starring: Rajeev Parameshwar, Lishoy
Sajitha Betti, Niya, Rahul Mohan

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About Shows
Snehajalakam is the serial revolves around the story of two families of Aparna and Abhirami. They are the daughters of Madhava Menonand their brother is Arjun. Arjun's elder sister Aparna is married to Hari and the couple have two kids named Siddharth in tenth standard and Sanjana in eighth standard. Aparna is very strict mother and anxious over her children and their education and growth. She scolds children, complains and shouts at them each and every day.
Abirami, the younger sister is married too and her husband is Shyam. They have three kids named Meenakshiin tenth standard, Devika in eighth standard and the youngest child Nandu going to play school. Abhirami has different attitude to her children and husband. She tries to be friendly always. But most of the times, her over reacting nature often suffocates her kids and creates problems. Rest of the serial is about the way the two families overcome their differences and and how they try and learn to get through the ups and downs of life together to lead the happy life.
Produced by : Radaan Media Limited
Starting Date : 17th November 2014
Show Time : 7.00 PM, Monday to Friday
Director : Rajeev Nedunkandam


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