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Starring: Jayshree Soni, Alan Kapoor
Sushil Parashar, Aryaman Seth

Watch Jaya tv Sonthangal serials online, recently published full Sonthangal serial episodes on Thursday 22 June 2017

About Show :
The serial is dubbed version of a Hindi serial named Rishton Kee Bhawar Mein Uliji Niyati. This soap after running successfully in Sahara Tv has been dubbed and is aired in Jaya Tv. The story revolves around Niyati and Amber and their deep love. They after facing many stormy situations get married. But unfortunately, in an accident Amber loses his memory and lives with the family of Natasa, taking himself for being Siddharth. Nayati has got pregnant before the accident. After a long stuggle she finds out the place of stay of Amber and goes there. She tries to convince that he is not Siddharth. But Amber and others without believing her they insult and drive her away.
Eventually Niyati gives birth to a girl and Natasa gives birth to a boy. As always destiny plays a game and both the kids turn out to be in the same class and become best friends.
The story is woven very beautifully that it captures the hearts of the fans and the serial has earned many audience and is a mega hit.
Produced By : Dheeraj Kumar, Creative Eye Limited
Starting Date : 4th January 2016
Show Time : 9.00 PM, Monday to Saturday
Channel : Jaya TV


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