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The serial Maa Durga is another serial showing Goddess Durga, as a popular incarnation of Goddess Devi. Durga is believed to be the destroyer of sins and evils. With mythological theme, which shows and chronicles the powerful Goddess Durga, this serial was well received by the fans and also by the devotees of Durga. The story started with the great saint Vyasya who is known by people for writing the Mahabharata and Devi Bhagvatam. Each and every episode had a different story about the power of the Goddess Durga. In one episode, the story shows that Naradhamuni visits Kailash and asks for the where abouts of Shiv from Nandi and Bhiringi. Naradha then meets Shiva and reminds him that long ago he sat to meditate to call for the great Mohamaya. He tells Shiva to sit meditate to get back the Adhyashakthi. In another episode, the story shows Madhu and Kaitabhare blessed by Sati with Iccha Mrityu boon. In another episode, Durga goes out to search for Lord Shiva. She calls Bornini and tells her to face the Sati in the dark jungle. Bornini comes out and shows her face. Sati scolds her and asks her to bring Lord Shiva. Bornini says Sati to meditate if she wants Lord Shiva. The both the women start meditating for Lord Shiva. The whole serial which was depicting the powe of the Goddess Durga was a massive hit.
Starting Date : 15th December 2014
Show Time : 8.00 PM, Monday to Saturday


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