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Starring: Ashish Sarma, Ram Midarakshi, Yuki
Snigta Akolkar, Karan, TanviMadhyan

Watch Star jalsha Sita serials online, recently published full Sita serial episodes on Tuesday 18 October 2016

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The mythological story Sita shows Ramayana and the story of Sita. The serial show cases the story of Rama and Sita. The main plot is taken from the epic Ramayana which is written by Valmiki and the highlights the story through Sita's eyes.
Janak is the King of Mithila and is childless. Mithila has suffered hard for twelve years in drought. At that time Ram and Lakshman were under Guru Vashist. Janak makes a golden sickle and unearths a baby girl. The first cry of the baby brings rainfall. In turn of events, Rishi Yagyavalkya suggests to keep the baby and Janak names her Sita. The serial has attracted many fans including children. Since it resembles the story told by grandparents, the soap is considered unique.
Starting Date : 30th November 2015
Show Time : 5.00 PM, Monday to Saturday


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