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Vishkanya Serial

Vishkanya Serial on
Starring: Aishwarya Khare, Vin Rana
Rohini Banerjee, Ekta Sharma

Watch Zee tv Vishkanya serials online, recently published full Vishkanya serial episodes on Tuesday 14 March 2017

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This serial is the super natural love story of Gosh and Malay Mittal. The story at first revolvesaroundAparajita, who is born as Vishkanya and she is a venomous girl with her bodily fluids is poisonous and it could cause fatal accident to anyone who comes in contact. She herself was not aware about that. Her maternal aunt, whom Aparajita thinks as mother uses her as pawn to destroy the family of Mittal. She was made to stay in the house of Mittal. But eventually, Aparajita started questioning her aunt and the aunt reveals about the weirdness of Aparajita body turning blue due to poisonous fluids. Many unexpected circumstances arises in the house and eventually Aparajita was married to Malay whom is not aware about the supernatural identity of Aparajita.
The rest of the story shows the hurdles and struggles undergone by them. This serial has many audience who watch the serial with excitement.
Director : Saba Mumtaz
Production : Peninsula Pictures
Starting Date : 28th March 2016
Show Time : 6.30 PM, Monday to Saturday
Channel : Zee TV


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