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Abhishekam Serial on
Starring: Ravi Kiran, Satish
Saimithra, Mounika, Ananya

Watch Etv Abhishekam serials online, recently published full Abhishekam serial episodes on Sunday 27 January 2019

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This is a family story. Narasimham and Susila have two children, Vinay and Sumathi. Vinay hates his father as he was a drunken, womanizer and beat his own wife. Narasimham pushed her daughter in anger and she died. Vinay leave his home and reach to a village where Mastaru stays. He stay with Mastaru and live in that house for 12 years. He became a S/W professional.He met a girl Swathi who is the daughter of his boss. They get married. In the mean time Vinay found his mother and he met Mastaru. Mastaru's daughter Rekha is in love with Vinay as Vinay goes she is dying in hospital. On his mother's direction he married to Rekha. Surprising every one she recovered. Main casts are Mounika, Ravi, Chinna. Abhishekam is telecasted on ETV at 2 PM from Monday - Friday.


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