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Watch Gemini tv Jabilamma serials online, recently published full Jabilamma serial episodes on Saturday 30 January 2016

Jabilamma Serial on Gemini TV Monday - Friday at 6.30 PM

About the show:
Jabilamma is a Telugu serial telecast from 9 PM  at Gemini TV  from Monday to Thursday. Jabilamma is a story of working woman. Usually the problems with working woman is always remain unnoticed by society.As the have to maintain their office as well as their home. Story begins with a girl completed her graduation and searching for her identity. Girl belongs to an affluent family where she grown up with her two other sisters. Being the elder sister she has to go for working environment either in her father?s business or any other job.During this period her father started arranging her marriage. Her would be mother in law asked for a huge dowry which was literally unaffordable for her father but her father arranged all of this. But once again luck goes against them.Father?s business make a huge loss and eventually she realized that her marriage ceremony  putting how much pressure to  her father which will leads to death.Without having any knowledge of what exactly going on she became the reason of the main problem of her family. Against everyone?s wish destiny makes her an working woman.


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