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This show is an interesting game show, which has four celebrities on the stage as contestants. The show consists of four rounds with different questions. It is an explosive and thrilling tension filled game show. This show in the stage has sixteen color-coded transparent money machines carrying a picture of a celebrity. Each and every money machine is loaded with fixed money and a Time Bomb. The game starts with a celebrity participant ticking the Time Bomb. The anchor invites to play. The show has money amounting to a crore. This is distributed in nine machines out of the sixteen. The amount of money in the machines remain a secret. When a machine is selected, the host asks the reason for the choice and guess the money. When the participant answers the money increases and the Time Bomb keep ticking.
The participants have friends to encourage. Also the participants have a crawling scorpion in the hands. At last when the winner is announced, the reactions of the faces of the participants are amazing to look at. This show is a massive hit.
Hosted by : Lakshmi Manchu
Starting Date : 19th September 2015
Show Time : 9.30 PM, Every Saturday and Sunday
Channel : Gemini TV


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