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En Anbu Thangaikku

En Anbu Thangaikku on
Starring: Bhavesh Balchandani, Harshita Ohja
SnehaWagh, Kapil Nirmal, VivekDahya

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The beautiful story of "En Anbu Thangaiku" serial shows the life of a brother who showers his love abundantly on his sister that is equal to the love of a mother. He does everything for the sister like feeding food, educating her, grooming her in each and every way and helps her in her studies and educates her. For the brother Tanveer, his sister is the universe to him and he considers her as the gift of God given exclusively for him. They both share a very strong bond of love and affection and they sacrifice many things in life for each other.
The whole story is about the love of the brother and half sister. The story also shows the siblings grow and become well-matured adults. They fall in love with the persons whom they consider is close to their hearts. But as a twist, the girl whom Tanveer love is engaged to another man. Even though it depresses Tanveer, he manages to overcome it. But Meera and he found out that a groom is a cruel man. They make attempts and stop the wedding and eventually Tanveer marries her and protects her. Meanwhile, the real parents of Meera were found.
The rest of the story is about the unexpected turns and twists of their lives and the way they deal those and succeed. The serial shows the love of a brother and sister.
Produced by : Mamta Patnaik, Karnika Saxena and Yash Patnaik
Directed by : Mohit Hussain
Starting Date : 1st December 2014
Show Time : 2.30 PM, Monday to Friday


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